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    Welcome to Rilos + MiMi- We Make, Market, and Ship All our own Products in North Dakota.


    Rilos + MiMi Story

    The name Rilos + MiMi comes from the nicknames of founder Christy  Remmick's identical twin daughters Riley Lynne and Emersyn Grace.  The nicknames were given to them by their big brother Hunter when they were tiny preemies in the NICU in Fargo, ND.  Hunter was only two when Riley and Emersyn were born at 31 weeks due to a high risk pregnancy caused by them being mono-amniotic twins.  He was going through a phase of putting "ios" at the end of everything (like I was mommios) and Rilos just stuck.  For Emersyn he couldn't quite grasp the name and we said we would called her Emmy for short and he shortened the name even more to Mimi which also stuck.

    In late 2012 the company was founded based on our family's need for products to help with carrying all our stuff with three small children.  We love traveling and with family several miles away we were always on the go exploring and visiting.

    All our products are made with a simple and convenient design with fun and modern prints so they can be versatile through all lifestyles.  Whether you are a new parent, have small children or teens, enjoy the outdoors, live the glam life, or are just looking for fun and practical travel gear you have come to the right place.


    Background of Rilos + MiMi Founder Christy Remmick

    Christy was born in Selkirk, MB Canada to very young parents and would spend a lot of time with her granny who was a very talented seamstress.  She would spend hours watching and learning how to sew with her from the age of eight years old.  She quickly learned that following patterns was not her thing and would stay up late designing her own creations and sewing them with scrap fabrics.  After Christy graduated from the University of North Dakota with a bachelor’s degree in communications she went on to a corporate career in software project management and application consultation.  After returning to her husband’s hometown of Devils Lake, ND to raise her family Christy was able to spend more time on her passion of design and sewing and launched Rilos + MiMi using her experience in software and communications to help grow her business.


    Fun Facts about Rilos & MiMi

    Riley and Emmy are Mo-Mo Twins

    Riley and Emersyn are mono-amniotic (Mo-Mo) twins which means they shared the same amniotic sac in their mommy’s tummy.  They were considered very high risk and were born at 31 weeks 6 days.  Mom spent two months in the hospital pre-birth and babies spend over a month in the hospital post birth.  You can read their story here or you can read more about mono amniotic twins at here.

    There is a Story Behind the Rilos & MiMi Logo

    Ever notice that in the Rilos & MiMi logo image with the two girls that one is shorter than the other?  This is on purpose and the reason is that MiMi was born with a hemivertebrae in her back which is a congenital defect in her back that caused some of the vertebrae to be crisscrossed.  This will always make her at least half an inch shorter than her identical twin sister Rilos.