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    Rilos and MiMi is looking for Brand Reps for our Latest Collection Launch

    cactusrilos and mimi latest collection

    Brand reps receive free Rilos & MiMi samples and a 20% discount on rilosandmimi.com in exchange for a minimum of six lifestyle photos using Rilos + MiMi gear and to follow the agreement items below:

    • Create content and buzz for products– with each new product delivered brand reps are asked to post a few good quality photos of each product from time to time on their social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).  Each post must tag Rilos and MiMi and also use the hashtag #rilosandmimi
    • Post regular comments on social media on Rilos & MiMi posts.  Does not have to be on everything, just consistent messaging.
    • Like Rilos & MiMi posts on social media.  Does not have to be on everything just consistent liking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    • Answer community questions on social networks or via direct messaging.
    • Have a genuine interest and like in the Rilos & MiMi brand.

    Being a brand rep and posting photos of Rilos & MiMi gear gives Rilos + MiMi permission to use the photos on their social media platforms (i.e twitter, Instagram, Facebook), as well as the Rilos & MiMi websites and promotional materials.

    By submitting your application you are agreeing to the terms of the Rilos + MiMi brand rep agreement.

    From time to time we may ask for additional information if required.

    How to Enter the Rilos & MiMi Brand Rep Search

    1. Follow @rilosandmimi on Instagram

    2. Locate the Brand Rep Program post on Instagram

    3. Repost the brand rep program post with the hashtag #rilosandmimirep and tag @rilosandmimi

    4. Post up to 3 additional pictures on your Instagram post with a description of why you are entring the Rilos + MiMi Brand Rep Search and make sure to use hashtag #rilosandmimirep

    Categories of Rilos & MiMi Brand Reps

    Kids (Ages 1-12)

    We want to see your adorable kids using Rilos + MiMi products such as reusable snack bags and ipad cases.  If you are out at the park, zoo, car rides we want to see what you bring for snacks in your snack bags and maybe even how you can coordinate your cute outfits with a Rilos + MiMi reusable snack bag.  Accounts must be run by parents.



    Teens & Adults (Ages 13+)

    We are looking for teens and adults to show us how and when they use their Rilos & Mimi products such as makeup bags, poolside bags, and shampoo bags.  We want to see what you put inside your Rilos & MiMi bags and where you take them.  We are hoping to get great shots of our bags all over the world!




    Please e-mail: info@rilosandmimi.com with questions.