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    CONTACT: Christy Remmick
    Rilos & MiMi- Owner
    3117 24th Ave SW
    Devils Lake, ND  58301
    Phone:  701-230-2285


    September 22, 2014

    North Dakota Company Launches Growing Wild Collection of Camouflage Baby and Kids Gear

    Devils Lake, ND- Rilos & MiMi a company based in North Dakota has paired with True Timber Camo to license their camouflage prints to create a line of camouflage baby & kids gear.

    The line of products is aimed at dads and moms with children who enjoy the outdoors and plan on passing the tradition on to the members of their new family.

    The baby gear in the line includes the following products that are great for leaving in your vehicle and being able to change baby on the go whether you are out enjoying the outdoors, driving around scouting for birds, or just any time you are on the go with the kids.

    • True Timber Camouflage Diaper Clutch by Rilos & MiMi
    • True Timber Camouflage Changing Pad by Rilos & MiMi
    • True Timber Camouflage Pacifier Clip by Rilos & MiMi
    • True Timber Camouflage Baby Gift Set by Rilos & MiMi

    The kids gear in the line includes the following products that are great for when your kids get a little older and can start coming along for your adventures.

    • True Timber Camouflage Re-Usable Snack Pouch by Rilos & MiMi
    • True Timber Camouflage Traveler Case by Rilos & MiMi
    • True Timber Camouflage Scouting Set by Rilos & MiMi

    “We are excited about the release of these products and feel that the camouflage baby and kids gear will make great gifts for expectant parents who enjoy hunting and the outdoors. There has already been much excitement about the new products,” comments Rilos & MiMi owner Christy Remmick about the new Growing Wild Collection.

    The products are available online at,, and Rilos & MiMi recently received an order from to carry their camouflage products. 

    There are also two retail stores in North Dakota that carry the products; Boots & Heels in Devils Lake and Adley Anne’s in Grand Forks.

    Background of the Rilos & MiMi Growing Wild Collection

    Living in North Dakota, enjoying the outdoors and participating in activities such as hunting and fishing has always been important to Rilos & MiMi owner Christy Remmick’s family; their son’s name is Hunter and their girls have been in layout blinds watching ducks and ground blinds watching deer since there were old enough to sit still.

    You can visit the family’s Growing Wild Blog at and find stories about their adventures in hunting, how they prepare their wild game, and how they grow their own food in their garden.

    Background of Rilos & MiMi

    Rilos & MiMi was founded in September 2012 and is based in Devils Lake, ND. The company has been growing rapidly with an increase of over 50% in sales each year over the past two years.  The name Rilos & MiMi came from nicknames of owner Christy Remmick’s identical twin daughters. The nicknames were given to the twins by their big brother when they were babies.

    Being a busy mom, owner Christy Remmick thought about the importance of having practical items that not only help make life easier for you, kids and other family members, but also to help the environment.

    Each of Rilos & MiMi’s products has a story on why it was created and who it was created for. All Rilos & MiMi items are proudly made in the USA and the materials used to make the products are also made in the USA.

    Rilos & MiMi products are available on,, and six retail stores in North Dakota and Ohio.  Visit the Rilos & MiMi website for more information.

    Photos of products and promotional photos of the product lines are available upon request.




    About Rilos & MiMi

    Rilos & MiMi is brand of products that was founded in October 2012 and provides practical, trendy, and great quality products to be used by people of all ages to improve the quality of their lives and the environment.  Contact:  Christy Remmick,, 701-230-2285,