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    Rilos + MiMi Drop Shipping Program

    Drop shipping for your online boutique is a great option to sell products on your online store without the upfront cost of inventory.

    The Rilos + MiMi drop shipping program allows online stores to sell Rilos + MiMi products on your website.  You will receive a custom discount code from Rilos + MiMi that will give you a discount of 40% off the entire order.   You collect the funds from your customer on your website and turn around and purchase the product on the Rilos + MiMi website.

    Rilos + MiMi shipping rates are a flat rate of $2.95 that you will be required to cover by charging your customer on your own website or you adding into the price of the products on your website.

    Email if you want to set up a drop shipping account.

    Drop Shipping is Easy with Rilos + MiMi

    1. Visit
    2. Create an account

    create an account

    1. When an order is placed on your online store visit and select the product the custom purchases.
    2. At checkout make sure to enter your information as the purchaser and your customers information for the shipping details.

    checkout and discount

    1. Enter your drop shipping coupon code at checkout.
    2. Complete your purchase by paying with your credit card or paypal account.
    3. The products will be shipping to your customer with a packing slip with your boutique information within 2-3 business days.

    Returns and Exchanges

    Rilos + MiMi offers returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase.  If the customer requests a return or an exchange please email to inform them about the customer request.  Have the customer ship the bag to:

    Rilos + MiMi
    Attn: Returns
    3117 24th Ave SW
    Devils Lake, ND 58301

    Once the product is received an email will be sent to you directly and the new product will either be shipped out or the funds will be returned to you as the store owner and it is your responsibility to refund the customer their money.

    Images and Descriptions

    By entering the Rilos + MiMi drop shipping products you are allowed to use any images or descriptions on your own website.  If you have any questions feel free to email or call 701-230-2285


    Email if you want to set up a drop shipping account.